Three Camel Lodge.

The story of the Three Camel Lodge is one of hard work and dedication to something greater than one man’s vision of a hotel. It is an intricate story of business, dreams and setting a sustainable example at the edge of where humanity and nature meet. This is one of a handful of places on earth, once visited, never forgotten.

The key person and founder of the lodge is Jalsa Urubshurow, a first generation Mongolian-American contractor and visionary. As it is with builders everywhere, he could envision it before it was made. His imagination was powerful enough to shepard the project from concept to construction beginning in 2000 through now 17 years of operations.

The location of Three Camel at the edge of the Gobi Desert is within proximity of the Altai Mountains replete with the “Flaming Cliffs” and some of the world’s best dinosaur fossils. Their stories of combat and survival are frozen in stone and bring to light the world of the giant reptiles from the ancient past.

World class food and service is the standard at Three Camel, in a setting that goes to the horizon and beyond.

Our “gers,” the local and proper word for yurt, are complete with custom made furniture, rugs and ensuite shower and toilet. Food is served in the lodge dining room next to the friendly fireplace and lounge.

The intention of this blog is to document and communicate impressions of the place in the heart of Mongolia. It is also to instill our shared love and appreciation for the land, people and history of the Nomadic empire.

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