When is the best time to visit the Three Camel Lodge?

The Three Camel Lodge is open from mid-May until mid-October. Mongolia is busiest during the Naadam period (July 11 – 13) and many clients prefer the quieter months of June & August.

How can I reach the lodge?

Most guests reach the lodge by flying to Dalanzadgad (approximately 1.5 hours) and transferring by road to the lodge (approximately 1 hour). The lodge is also reachable from Ulaanbaatar by road and this journey takes about 9 hours. Additionally, there is a local airstrip about 10 minutes from the lodge for clients chartering helicopters or Cessnas.

What is the recommended length of stay?

We recommend a stay of three to four nights. A minimum of two nights is recommended for shorter stays.

What are the bathroom facilities like?

All gers at the Three Camel Lodge have en suite bathroom facilities including toilets and heated showers. The bathrooms have been crafted using locally sourced materials by local craftsmen.

Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions?

Yes! We can accommodate a wide variety of dietary requirements including vegetarian & vegan, Kosher & Halal, and specific food allergies. Please let your Expedition Specialist know if you have any specific dietary needs and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Will I have cellular & internet access?

A true off-the-grid experience, the Three Camel Lodge experiences very sparse cellular coverage and does not have wifi. For emergency uses, there is a satellite phone in our Lodge Manager’s office.

Is there an electrical outlet in my ger?

Yes! There are multiple outlets per ger and electricity runs 24/7 should you wish to charge your phone, camera batteries, etc.

Do you have suggested itineraries?

We do indeed have suggested itineraries for your stay in the Gobi. The team at Nomadic Expeditions is also more than happy to assist in planning for other parts of Mongolia as well.

Is there an age limit for children?

We do not have an age limit for children. There are some long drives associated with visiting a destination like Mongolia which may not be suitable for all children.

How many people can stay in a ger?

Maximum occupancy is 2 adults per ger plus one child under the age of 12.

Is there laundry available at the lodge?

We do offer laundry at the lodge at an additional cost.