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Three Camel Lodge Activities

Adventures to Savor

Among the many activities available to guests are nomadic archery, yoga, mountain biking, horseback riding, and a chef-led cooking class. And while we encourage these to the utmost, you may find that the greatest pastime here is wrapping yourself in the serenity of the Gobi’s meditative atmosphere. While adventure and discovery are at every turn, Three Camel Lodge is the very essence of an escape.

Three Camel Lodge Adventures To Savor
Take Aim

Nomadic Archery

Archery is inextricably tied to Mongolia’s history, as it is one of the three activities comprising the annual Naadam games. It is not simply an aim-and-shoot contest, as participants are judged on their ability to assess, identify, and eliminate a target. Our guests use replicas of the bows used hundreds of years ago and the targets, locally known as khasaa, are constructed of thin, long strips of cowhide.

Three Camel Lodge Biking adventure 03
Three Camel Lodge Biking adventure
three Camel Lodge

Biking adventure

Ride a Cannondale Trail 7 or Trek Marlin 5 to explore the picturesque terrain surrounding Three Camel Lodge. Suitable for most cyclists, this activity delivers enchanting views and utterly invigorating fresh air. The various routes are easy to follow and provide 360-degree views of the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan mountain.

Three Camel Lodge Ger-Building

Ger Building

A ger, also known as a yurt, is a traditional nomadic dwelling. With a 3,000-year history, gers originated from teepees but have advanced over time to become the strongest tent structures in the world. The interior skeletal structure is all made from lightweight woods, including pine and brushwood. This activity allows guests to participate in a ger raising and learn the customs.

Three Camel Lodge Stargazing
Like You Have Never Seen


Blessedly free of light pollution and an average altitude of 1500 meters/4500 feet above sea level, the Gobi is an ideal place for night sky watchers. Guests are able to choose from one of two telescopes to enjoy stargazing. iPads with stargazing apps help make sense of the night sky. This is stargazing like you’ve never seen.

Three Camel Lodge Sunrise Walk
serene beauty of the desert

Sunrise Walk

Wake early and greet the day by joining your guide for a walk toward Ovoo atop Bulagtai Mountain. Enjoy your coffee while the sun is rising and shining light on the serene beauty of the desert. While you admire the view, your guide will share local legends.

Three Camel Lodge Horseback
meet a nomadic family

Horseback Riding

Arrive on horseback to meet a nomadic family. You will be welcomed inside the family home with an offer of traditional milk tea, followed by a discussion of modern nomadic life. You will also have a quick lesson in making dairy products, as well as making felt and ropes, a skill that has been handed down from generation to generation.

three Camel Lodge

Cooking Class

Cooking classes focus on mastering one of two of Mongolia’s favorite dishes: buuz, or dumplings, and noodle soup. Those who select dumplings will learn that the dough is made of water and flour and the minced beef is seasoned by just salt and onion. Guests are taught traditional noodle soup in this lesson and make everything from scratch.

Three Camel Lodge Cooking Class 02
Three Camel Lodge Cooking Class
Three Camel Lodge Gobi Desert Lecture
three Camel Lodge

Gobi Desert Lecture

The Gobi is the northernmost desert in the world and contrary to most people’s notions, it is not entirely sand. In fact, this diverse landscape is home to many different eco-systems. During this 1-hour lecture, guests will gain knowledge of the Gobi’s flora, fauna, geography, climate, and historical importance.

Slide Pursue
Pure Beauty
Stand in awe atop the world-famous Flaming Cliffs to fully experience the untouched beauty of the Gobi. Three Camel Lodge- Instagram Icon @THREECAMELLODGE Three Camel Lodge Pursue Pure Beauty 02