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Mongolian Gastronomy

Satisfy Your Hunger for Discovery

Experience authentic Mongolian gastronomy with contemporary flair at our cozy BULAGTAI RESTAURANT. Sip a prized wine or a cocktail of the finest spirits at our THIRSTY CAMEL BAR—rated among the world’s finest. Allow us to cater a gourmet picnic for you in the vast seclusion of the Gobi. Prepare for dining that thrills the soul.

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Culinary Traditions Converge

Bulagtai Restaurant

Ancient culinary tradition converges with modern styling at this cozy Mongolian restaurant. Regional classics are thoughtfully prepared with artistry and sustainably sourced organic ingredients. Bulagtai is housed within an authentic oversized ger similar to those used by great Khans centuries ago.

Most vegetables and fruit harvested from organic farms in nearby Bulgan. Most dairy products are purchased from local nomadic families and pasteurized on site. By tradition, Mongolia’s livestock roam free and feast on a wide variety of grasses. Purchasing local food not only assures the best quality, but it also provides this remote region with opportunities for economic growth through responsible tourism.

The fixed menus include Mongolian specialties—such as buuz, a meat or vegetable stuffed dumpling, as well as tsuivan, a noodle dish mixed with meat and vegetables—as well as Western-style dishes like shephard’s pie and kale salad.

The restaurant can meet all dietary needs with advance notice for guests who are Gluten Free, Vegetarian or Vegan.

The classic dishes of Mongolia derive from the country’s nomadic traditions and feature the cultural influence of countries they visited, including China, Tibet, Russia and other nations of Asia.

Staples of the Mongolian diet include stewed meats, stone roasted barbecue, dumplings, and hotpot—meat, noodles and vegetables cooked in a hot pot. The traditional foods are hearty and include mutton and beef; milk from sheep, cows and goats; as well as flour from buckwheat, wheat and oats.

At Bulagtai the chefs present guests with an assortment of fine courses that allow one to sample contemporary takes on the region’s cuisine and discover its richness.

Forbes Top Whisky Bar in Asia

Thirsty Camel Bar

At the end of your day’s adventures, there is a hard-won barstool waiting for you. One would not expect to find Asia’s best whiskey bar in the heart of the Gobi Desert. And that is why this ultimate hideaway is so incredibly rewarding. Sip a wide selection of premium spirits, wines, beers and soft drinks. The mixologist can concoct anything you please. Or take a glass from the bar’s exquisite whiskey selection, featuring the finest batches from Scotland Japan and American craft distilleries.

Three Camel Lodge Bar
Three Camel Lodge Dinohall
Make New Friends

Dino Hall

Designed to echo a traditional Mongolian temple, Dino Hall is the heartbeat of Three Camel Lodge. The hall’s lounge is the resort’s living room, hosting live music and dance performances in the evening, as well as lectures during the day. Guests are invited to peruse the lounge’s collection of books and movies, play traditional Mongolian games, such as Shagai (sheep and goat anklebone), and to simply relax while making new friends in this calm venue.

Three Camel Lodge Private Dining

Private Dining

Custom meal experiences may be booked and served at secluded picturesque locations within a brief drive from the lodge or on top of Bulagtai hill behind the lodge. These enchanting dining experiences cater to your tastes and offer peerless views of sunset.

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Moltsog Sands


Allow us to pack a chef-prepared picnic for you to take on any of your ventures from the lodge. Meals may suit any time of day or special occasion. You will discover there is no end to the opportunities for dining in scenic seclusion, enjoying a landscape as gorgeous as it is wild.

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Pure Beauty
Stand in awe atop the world-famous Flaming Cliffs to fully experience the untouched beauty of the Gobi. Three Camel Lodge- Instagram Icon @THREECAMELLODGE Three Camel Lodge Pursue Pure Beauty 02