How do you share the beauty and spirit of a place without destroying it? This was the raison d’être for founder and CEO Jalsa Urubshurow who sought to build a place that showcased the nomadic spirit while offering modern comforts. After careful consideration for the preservation of the region’s environment, culture, and people, he opened Three Camel Lodge in 2002. It was, and remains, the only luxury eco-lodge in the Gobi Desert. Built by and staffed by locals, Three Camel Lodge isn’t just s a place to stay; it’s a state of mind.

Who We Are

As you’ll see when browsing through our History + Awards and Location sections, we’re an award-winning luxury property that combines culturally minded design with a heightened blend of adventure, sophistication, and education. Created in consultation with the local population and various nongovernmental organizations working to conserve the area, the Lodge now serves as a base of operations for archaeologists, filmmakers, history buffs, thrill seekers, the tech-free enthusiast, and the luxury traveler. We are the original concept for the sustainable eco-lodge within Mongolia.
Our Lodge is located in the wilderness near Dalanzadgad, the only village with a domestic airport in South Gobi Province, and Bulgan, home to one of the only farms in the desert. This region of the Gobi houses a fantastic array of wildlife and endemic foliage, arid conditions that give way to sometimes surprising results (see the description of Yol Valley, which can be found in Exploring the Gobi Desert), and nomadic people who are warm-hearted and hold the blood of Genghis Khan in their ancient veins.

What We Do

At the Three Camel Lodge, our aim is to offer unparalleled service. From our accommodations to our tours through sister company Nomadic Expeditions, we strive to provide our explorers with all of the features that accompany a once-in-a-lifetime stay in one of the most fascinating and unforgettable places on Earth.
Our accommodations all feature a unique composition to their construction: they are all authentic reproductions of the Mongolian ger. You’ll learn a bit more about the ger by accessing History of the Ger, an in-depth look into the facts and myths surrounding the traditional housing of the Mongolian nomad. From The Histories of Herodotus recording the time of the Scythian race to the recordings of Marco Polo’s stay within the Mongolian Empire, the ger has had a diverse history all its own.

What You’ll Experience

We offer an extraordinary range of tailored adventures and amenities fit for even the most exacting excursionist. Exploring the Gobi Desert (and beyond) on a tour with Nomadic Expeditions can be exhilarating—it may leave you in need of a specialist’s massage. You can head to Bulagtai Restaurant to indulge your inner gastronome on Chef Munkhtsetseg’s seasonal gourmet menu, which contains both Mongolian and international delicacies. At the end of the trip when you want a memento of your intimate cultural journey through Mongolia’s countryside, you can visit the Lodge Shop—where you’ll find everything from high-quality cashmere (second to none in the world) to handmade felt items and local handicrafts.
We think you’ll agree that Three Camel Lodge is a unique and serene place, with unmatched experiences in one of the world’s final wilderness regions.