The free-spirited nomadic lifestyle is a defining characteristic of Mongolian culture. Nomads pick up and move their gers, or traditional felt and canvas dwellings, several times a year based on the availability of food for their animals and the weather patterns. Three Camel Lodge offers a slice of the nomadic lifestyle with an elevated take on the classic ger.

The simple elegance of the gers blends with the Gobi’s remarkable landscape, and in keeping with Mongolian tradition, each has a southward-facing entrance. Gaze upon unobstructed views of the desert and the Gobi-Altai Mountains from the privacy of your deluxe ger. The ger’s oculus, or central opening to the sky, may have a practical use for nomads as a sundial, but it translates to spectacular stargazing at night from the privacy of your bed.

Three Camel Lodge is comprised of 40 individual gers. Handmade using a latticed wood construction and covered with layers of felt and canvas, each ger at the Three Camel Lodge is heated by a wood stove and appointed with hand-painted wood-framed king or double beds and custom furnishings. Each ger also features a private bathroom equipped with a toilet, sink and shower. You will feel comfortable and relaxed in this space as you unwind from a day exploring the vast Gobi.

We invite families or those seeking more space to book one of our two specialty gers. Our Khubilai Ger is particularly well-suited to families, with two bedrooms linked by a bathroom, while our Genghis Ger features a bedroom and a relaxation space, as well as a private bathroom.

Three Camel Lodge provides a true escape from the everyday. As such, there are no telephones or access to the Internet.

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