At Three Camel Lodge the Dino House lounge is the perfect place for relaxation and conversation. The entire lodge was made from stone and hand-hewn beams. It was built in authentic Mongolian style in accordance with the canons of local Buddhist architecture and not a single nail was used in construction.

Along with a handful of other lodges in protected places around the world, Three Camel, was built from the ground up to respect the local traditions, to set an ecological example and to convey a sense of place to be carried forever by the visitor.

From the rugs on the floor, to the solar powered lights, it is a sanctuary for explorers. Its name, Dino House, celebrates the nearby rich fossil discoveries. A place to feel at home with fellow travelers and to get an unobstructed view the great Gobi Desert from the veranda. There is a small lending library for guests plus drinks are available.

Enjoy a Flaming Cliffs or a Gobi Sunset cocktail while learning to play the traditional Mongolian Shagai board game. The staff is glad to teach guests. Or just relax by the warm hearth before or after dinner. Travelers are welcome at the Dino House.

Additional Imagery:

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