The main lounge area, Dino House, is the showpiece of the Three Camel Lodge.  Mongolian artifacts and traditional designs are blended to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where guests can sit next to the fireplace, at the bar, or on the swings on the veranda to soak in the expansive tranquility of the desert.

Dino House is fashioned after the traditional Mongolian sum, or temple.  Local artisans and workers crafted the roof of the building in accordance with the canons of Mongolian Buddhist architecture without using a single nail.  The clay tiles adorning the roof were molded by hand and dried in the warm Gobi sun.

Sitting on the veranda allows for unobstructed views of the vast Gobi desert.  Guests have the unique opportunity to watch passing nomads water their herds of livestock at the community well, rebuilt by the Three Camel Lodge

A variety of indigenous and Western games are available for use in Dino House.  Guests can learn how to play the most beloved Mongolian game, Shagai (sheep and goat anklebone).  Contact a staff member to learn how to play Shagai and other traditional Mongolian games.

Every guest is invited to browse and borrow the books from our small library.  We encourage travelers to donate books no longer needed for the enjoyment of future visitors.

The Thirsty Camel bar offers a selection of wine, vodka, spirits, beers, and sodas, including domestic varieties such as Chinggis Vodka and Golden Gobi Beer.

HOURS:  4:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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