Three Camel Lodge Tripadvisor-01

Wow! This place was a breath of fresh air after the places we’ve stayed in around Mongolia. The best glamping in the country! The staff and services were great!

It’s a long ride from Dalanzadgad airport. But once we arrived the setting made up for it. Keep in mind there are no roads around so it is one bumpy ride to the camp.

The gers come with their own toilet (no door to the bathroom) and shower. There’s eco friendly soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. Everything is eco friendly. You have to ask for a hairdryer. Good news is there is an electric outlet! Lighting is good but was limited because of solar energy. Water is limited so plan on taking quick showers (I’m sure you will it’s either freezing cold or boiling hot in the mornings, in my ger at least). Get extra portable lighting/flash lights and extra batteries just in case electricity goes off (it did a few times we were there, but briefly as I had to run over in the dark to ask for help). Ok so the bad news is there’s no TV (like all camps) or WiFi, but they don’t see this as bad as the place screams of unwinding and relaxation. There is a tv room under the bar and they have a handful of movies and documentaries, all Mongolia-related, and they’re a good selection.

The bar area is where you go to read, drink and get to know other guests. The restaurant opens during meal times only and you can see what they’re cooking for lunch and dinner through the kitchen windows. All set menu so you have to give them your allergies and dietary options. Breakfast buffet was really really good. The food is the best we had during our whole stay in Mongolia!

There are a few activities like horse riding and electric scooters. And of course excursions. You take the walkway up the hill behind the camp and walk for about 5 minutes to the sunset viewing area which is a great place on the other side of the hill.

I recommend staying for at least 2 nights. We stayed 4 nights and it was great.