Gobi Daytrips

Suggested Gobi Itineraries: 3 Popular Gobi Daytrips

At the Three Camel Lodge, there is no shortage of adventures to savor. The lodge is the ideal base from which to explore the Gobi’s must-see destinations. You will encounter vastly different eco-systems, ancient petroglyphs or use indigenous wildlife, and the region’s most fascinating sites of historical and natural significance.

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Birds of the Gobi Desert

Birds of the Gobi Desert

With 513 species, the birds of Mongolia are minor in number when compared to those of, say, India, with more than 1,300. However, the diversity of Mongolia’s is vast, with more than 60% being migratory, coming from far—and high. Some species travel here from oases in Africa, while Bar-headed guy fly above 26,000 feet, over the towering peaks of the Himalaya, to reach their summer grounds, where they raise their young. There are few endemic species in Mongolia, and approximately 50 to 60 species roam the skies of the Gobi Desert. Here are some of the most interesting must-see birds among Mongolia’s species.

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Flora and Fauna of the Gobi

Flora and Fauna of the Gobi

While a desert by every definition, the Gobi is hardly a lifeless expanse, as its widespread ecosystems include Desert Steppe, Semi Desert and True Desert. There are vast sandscapes of rolling dunes and barren cliffs before horizons of stark limestone. There is also the vegetation of the grassland areas of the Eastern Gobi Desert Steppe. And despite the harsh extremes of climate, drought-adapted trees, shrubs and flowers persist. The various regions and differing soil types of the Gobi have given rise to surprising species, providing expanses of lush green and beautiful punctuations of color. Visitors here discover incredible terrains with an otherworldly quality and mesmerizing beauty that is never forgotten. Read more “Flora and Fauna of the Gobi”

Flaming Cliffs

Geology of the Gobi Desert

What surprises people the most about the Gobi Desert is that it is not all sand. The term desert conjures images of vast rolling dunes—and the Gobi certainly has these—yet this splendidly tranquil ecosystem covering more than half-a-million square miles contains fertile tracts as well. Perhaps more surprising still is that this arid landscape was covered in conifer forests and lush with lakes and streams about 80 million years ago. Read more “Geology of the Gobi Desert”

Three Camel Lodge Flaming Cliffs

The Flaming Cliffs

Why It’s a Must-See When Visiting Mongolia
You will likely never forget your visit to the Flaming Cliffs in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. This stunning setting is the stuff of ad campaigns and holiday card photos, but it’s so much more than (just) a beautiful place. Long before the discovery of the world’s first dinosaur eggs put the Flaming Cliffs on the proverbial map, this dramatic landscape served as a resting place for the camel caravans traveling from Beijing. Read more “The Flaming Cliffs”