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Since 2008, Nomadic Expeditions and the Three Camel Lodge have proudly supported local students studying traditional Mongolian music and dance at the Gobi’s Hanhongor School. We regularly host performances at the lodge that allow the students to share their talents with our guests and share the beauty of these traditional arts.

In addition to donating supplies and musical instruments to the school, in 2018 we sent ten students and two teachers to Ankara, Turkey to perform at the International Children’s Music Festival and share Mongolia’s cultural heritage on a global stage. And in 2019, in partnership with the Arts Council of Mongolia, we launched a scholarship program to fully sponsor five talented local students who wish to continue studying music and performing arts at the university level.

The scholarship funding has come from Nomadic Expeditions along with Mr. Burstein, a generous past guest. The investment in these talented youths greatly advances their skills and knowledge, and helps preserve the unique music and dance traditions of Mongolia for future generations and for the world to enjoy.

The recipients of these five scholarships were selected by a panel that included Jalsa Urubshurow (CEO & Founder of Nomadic Expeditions and Three Camel Lodge), Undraa Buyannemekh (President of Nomadic Expeditions and Three Camel Lodge) and Enkhchimeg Ts. (Arts Program Coordinator of Arts Council of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar).

As the 2021-22 academic year now comes to a close, the students have offered brief reflections on what the scholarships mean to them.

I really like children and my dream was to become a teacher. Music is also part of my life. This grant helped me to pursue my dream. I’ll graduate this Spring and will be a real teacher. This grant has been a great support, especially during the pandemic. My parents are herders so during the pandemic it has been hard for us to move around and make money, especially for my tuition.

Khishigjargal Batmunkh
University of Pedagogy, Music Teacher




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