Three Camel Lodge

Top Reviewed Luxury Ecolodge: In the Words of Our Guests

It is one thing for us to promote ourselves as a renowned 5-star ecolodge offering unrivaled Mongolia experience in the heart of the Gobi Desert. It is another for it to come from our guests. We are exceptionally grateful for the outpouring of positive responses we receive each year from our guests, who fall in love with the lodge, our hospitable staff, the cinematic landscapes, epic wildlife, and famously warm nomadic culture.

Without further ado, here are a few words from our guests praising the Lodge on

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Gobi Daytrips

Suggested Gobi Itineraries: 3 Popular Gobi Daytrips

At the Three Camel Lodge, there is no shortage of adventures to savor. The lodge is the ideal base from which to explore the Gobi’s must-see destinations. You will encounter vastly different eco-systems, ancient petroglyphs or use indigenous wildlife, and the region’s most fascinating sites of historical and natural significance.

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Forbes Features Beyond Green

Make Travel A Force For Good Just By Choosing Beyond Green Hotels

The Covid pandemic has opened many eyes to how travel and tourism can help or hurt local communities. As travel restarts, choosing a vacation at a Beyond Green luxury property will not only help the environment but provide social and economic benefits to the community you visit. Why not make your vacation a force for good?

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Mongolia on the BIg Screen

Mongolia on the Big Screen

While travel to Mongolia remains restricted for the time being, we can still enjoy seeing its epic nomadic lands in the stunning photography of movies and TV series. Here we share some of our favorites showcasing Mongolia. Films have certainly led to many countries seeing increased tourism, such as New Zealand following The Lord of the Rings. So whether you’re looking for a good story or a glimpse at what a Mongolia adventure might entail, you will certainly find it in this sampling of dramas and documentaries set in our storied land. We hope that they inspire your wanderlust as much as they do ours.

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Family Travel to Mongolia

Family Travel to Mongolia: Top 5 Benefits for Kids

The world really is the best classroom. Bringing children on your family vacations allows them to grow in unexpected leaps and bounds. Becoming engaged one-on-one with Mongolia’s unique people, landscape, and traditions allows kids to experience history in the flesh, geography beneath their boots, and culture everywhere they look.

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Mongolian Boortsog Recipe

Boortsog Recipe

Boortsog, or traditional Mongolian fried bread, is the most common cookie made by Mongolians. It is eaten as a dessert and snacks. Upon entering a home here, boortsog will be the first thing a Mongolian family will treat you with, along with milk tea. Throughout Central-Asia, boortsog goes by similar names and is the most common cookie of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

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Mongolian Tsuivan Recipe

Tsuivan Recipe

Tsuivan, or noodle stew, is one of the most popular Mongolian dishes—adopted from abroad and perfected by Mongolians. It’s a very popular dish beloved in every family’s home and served in most local restaurants. This dish is prepared in many different ways. Some people make it using only flour and meat, but some add fresh vegetables. Here at the Three Camel Lodge’s Bulagtai restaurant, we serve this dish fresh seasonal vegetables. Below is the easy way to make this most delicious dish.

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Birds of the Gobi Desert

Birds of the Gobi Desert

With 513 species, the birds of Mongolia are minor in number when compared to those of, say, India, with more than 1,300. However, the diversity of Mongolia’s is vast, with more than 60% being migratory, coming from far—and high. Some species travel here from oases in Africa, while Bar-headed guy fly above 26,000 feet, over the towering peaks of the Himalaya, to reach their summer grounds, where they raise their young. There are few endemic species in Mongolia, and approximately 50 to 60 species roam the skies of the Gobi Desert. Here are some of the most interesting must-see birds among Mongolia’s species.

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Flora and Fauna of the Gobi

Flora and Fauna of the Gobi

While a desert by every definition, the Gobi is hardly a lifeless expanse, as its widespread ecosystems include Desert Steppe, Semi Desert and True Desert. There are vast sandscapes of rolling dunes and barren cliffs before horizons of stark limestone. There is also the vegetation of the grassland areas of the Eastern Gobi Desert Steppe. And despite the harsh extremes of climate, drought-adapted trees, shrubs and flowers persist. The various regions and differing soil types of the Gobi have given rise to surprising species, providing expanses of lush green and beautiful punctuations of color. Visitors here discover incredible terrains with an otherworldly quality and mesmerizing beauty that is never forgotten. Read more “Flora and Fauna of the Gobi”

Travel That Transforms: An Earth Day Message

The environmental movement Earth Day began in 1970 to bring much-needed attention to the global challenges that need to be addressed, such as the climate crisis. And on this anniversary, many people feel inspired to take action—either on climate change, or supporting renewable energy, or looking to make more sustainable choices in the goods they buy. Yet not everyone realizes that these choices can extend into how you vacation.
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