Three Camel Lodge National-geographic-top-eco-lodge

At the edge of a volcanic outcrop providing bright morning vistas across Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park, Three Camel’s 50 gers (yurts) appear more like a herders’ village than a lodge.

Our approach has always been to embrace the culture,

says owner Jalsa Urubshurow.

“Local artisans crafted the roof of the main building without using a single nail, according to the tenets of Mongolian Buddhist architecture.”

The lodge funds a range of conservation efforts, including replanting more than 6,000 native trees and shrubs to help prevent desertification. Hiking, exploring paleontology sites, and bird-watching fill the days; later the chef’s open kitchen offers cozy meals such as steamed meat dumplings while the sun gives way to night skies brimming with stars. 50 rooms; from $350, including full board.