We at the Three Camel Lodge are frequently asked for recommendations of the best shopping in Mongolia, which is renowned for its wool garments, hand-woven textiles, and traditional handcrafts.

Our store at the lodge makes available a full assortment of products produced by Mongolian vendors, whom we select based upon the quality of their products, and the extent to which their business benefits local communities.

It brings us joy to help spread the word of the high quality of the goods in Mongolia, as well as to contribute to the livelihoods of the artisans who practice their beautifully skilled trades.

The following offers several of the unique products you will find for sale at the Three Camel Lodge that also exemplifies the best of what Mongolia has to offer.

Pashmina Shawls
Pashmina cashmere is produced only in a few places in the world, such as Mongolia, Tibet, and India. Regular cashmere and pashmina cashmere are both made of fur from the same goat—but pashmina cashmere has a softer and finer texture. You will find a wide variety of designs to choose from of shawls that blend pashmina and silk. Incredibly soft, these accessories are also impressively elegant and stylish.

Cashmere Garments
Mongolia supplies some of the finest cashmere to the international market. Mongolian cashmere goats have long fibers and a shiny color, producing yarn of the highest quality. With this material being plentiful, local vendors produce a wide range of 100% natural cashmere products including sweaters, hats, scarves and gloves. One of the most popular items to buy is a cashmere blanket—which is remarkably affordable here because you are purchasing it at the source—a real thrill for those who love the texture and breathable comfort of cashmere.

Kazakh Tapestries
The Kazakhs of Mongolia’s western Bayan-Ulgii province create beautiful hand-embroidered wall hangings that are traditionally hung inside of yurts. The hand-stitched embroidery techniques and patterns used have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries, if not longer. The ornate embroidery is done using crochet thread on a length of fabric in great variety of vibrant colors. Other functional yet decorative items you will find featuring this same embroidery style include wallets, backpacks and pillowcases.

Yak Wool Sweaters
Yaks were first introduced to Mongolia together with Buddhism when monks used them as transport on their pilgrimages. As such Mongolians have been making yak wool products for a great many years. In fact, yak wool is the most widely used material by Mongolians in our fashion industry because in addition to its impressive warmth, it’s incredibly resistant to wear. Study shows that yak wool is in fact 40% warmer than merino wool and 17% warmer than cashmere. You will find a wide variety of yak wool sweaters, socks, and hats.

Mongolian Silver Earrings
Traditionally, Mongolian women do not wear too much jewelry due to mercurial weather, many jobs being physical in nature, and everyday customs. However, during warmer weather, women would wear headdresses adorned with fine silver. Rings, earrings and bracelets worn by Mongolian women are traditionally made of gold and silver. Today you will find many fine silver earrings that combine features of the traditional jewelry with modern designs. Keeping with traditional patterns, these earrings commonly hang straight down and feature a flower motif.

Felt Slippers
Another lovely product made by felting wool are traditional slippers. A perfect gift to bring home, these slippers are 100% natural, environmentally friendly, and keep your felt effortlessly cozy in a chill. All sizes are available, for adults, kids and even for newborns.

Leather Camels
Local artisans create gorgeous handcrafted leather two-humped camels. These decorations are wonderful conversation pieces for the home or study, and a handsome reminder of your travels to the Three Camel Lodge. All parts of these camels are handmade, and they are produce by a small family business run by a husband and wife from Mongolia.


To learn more and do some shopping, please visit these vendors below:

Made in Mongolia – https://madeinmongolia.net/

Gobi Cashmere – https://www.gobicashmere.com/us/

Husug –  https://www.instagram.com/husug_project/?hl=en

Bodios – https://bodios.mn/